Product:Ammonium Sulphate      

Type:Nitrate Fertilizer       Advantage:By-product of Cyanuric acid

CAS No.:7783-20-0           EINECS No.:231-984-1

Molecular Formula:(NH4)2SO4     Inspect Standard GB535-1995

Appearance:    White Crystalline granular

Purity:              99%min

Sulfur content: 23%Min

Nitrogen:          21%min

MOISTURE:     1%max     

Fress Acid:     0.2% max

Water Insolubles:0.02% max

Size: Φ2-5mm 95% pass

A sulphate1.jpg50kg bag.png1000KGS.png

Packing:In 25kg,50kg, 500kg PP bag with PE liners.1 MT jumbo bag, with English neutral marks. Shrink-wrapped with pallet is available.

Delivery Detail:15-25 working days

Applications:It is mostly used as an agriculture fertilizer, it provides an equal balance of nitrogen and sulphur that is readily available.

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