Product:Calcium Hypochlorite 65%/70%Min
      Hipoclorito De Calcio 65%/70%Min
Process:by sodiumFormula:CaCl2O2 
UN No..2880CAS No.:7778-54-3
Form:white with a little grey granules and tablets
Available Chlorine:70%Min/65%Min
Water Insoluble:0.1%Max 
Chlorine loss:8%Max/year
Mesh:10-30Mesh or 14-50mesh 90% passTablets:15g、20g、50g、200g


Packing:In 40kg,45kg plastic buckets or decided by customers.

Usage:1)Used in water treatment as disinfectants,such as in industry water,pool water and drinking water.

      2)Widely used as bleaching agent in paper,cotton making.

      3)Used as disinfectants in public places,aquaculture and food industry.

      4)As sterilization used in vegetable and fruits washing or in toilets.

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